The New Divine Humanity


Harmonizing within you all of your Bodies, including your subconscious, conscious and super conscious minds, allows the space, within you, to be unified and whole, in your awareness. That which appears hidden, your subconscious and superconscious awareness, is Not, and is constantly, feeding you, guiding you, and influencing all that you do, from moment to moment.

When we gain the awareness of this, and consciously choose to function through this inherent harmony within, we master the wholeness of Being. The attention placed on the wholeness, rather than the lack, becomes the way we are fully integrated, as the Beings we are, and were created to Be.

Being Human has lost some of its awareness of its Glory. That is only because the external playing ground, so to speak, has become the filtered consciousness, of an asleep paradigm based on perceived and believed limitation.

How we practise this Presence, is theā€¦

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