Tribute to Light worker Julien Wells (who transitioned on January 14, 2017)

Julien Wells
The immensely joyous, gentle, generous soul whom I am blessed to have had been personally guided through various, elevating stages of my Ascension/Remembering journey in this life (and maybe others)… Forever in gratitude🌸
I will miss your earthly presence dear Julien, but rejoice in the other dimensional connections we have✨


Kauilapele's Blog

julien_wells_kp_shasta_conference_p1000559_240 Kp and Julien at the June, 2013, Mt. Shasta conference (Julien with “corporate” hair, Kp with “sprouting out the top” hair (click to see larger photo)

julien_wells_headshot_from_fb_1 Julien from FB page

In the past few weeks, I had heard that Julien Wells was going through some health challenges. Then a couple days ago, I had read somewhere that Julien had passed over, and gone to his next home (probably somewhere in the Pleiades).

I’m placing a few remarks below from some who messaged me when I asked them about Julien.

Before I do that, here is a link to a few Julien Wells Kp blog posts. My favorite post is this one, where I finally discovered that “Julien Wells is a real person!!”, when I met him at Mt. Shasta. I’d been at Shasta for a week or so, and had always wanted to meet him… then he just…

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