Miracles ~ an Alignment with Eternal Truth ~ Your Higher Self


The New Divine Humanity


When all of your beliefs, memories and subconscious mind programming align with your true Heart Desires, miracles take place. The shift is within you, and then manifests externally as the reality you experience.

How do you know you are still playing out the memories of old scenarios that resulted in a distorted view of YOURSELF? Your true self, that is.

You begin by looking at what you really believe. How you really FEEL about yourself deep down in connection to your desires.

Are you desiring that perfect relationship, yet it does not manifest?

Deep down are you jealous and anxious that you are not smart enough, beautiful enough, to live an abundant, magical perfect life? Filled with miracles, wonder and joy.

If your predominant feelings are unworthiness, not good enough and you compare yourself to others, how they live, how you never get what you desire. Then LOOK more closely…

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