Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


Blessings To All. There are multiple factors which explain the sheer level of intensity in the skies at this time – Uranus-on-Eris Retrograde, upcoming Eclipse Season, the Lion´s Gate and so on … All of this is true, valid and indisputable. But what amplifies all of the above is this … unusually long Grand Sextile alignment in the skies – involving ALL of the Goddess Asteroids!!!!!

Grand Sextiles are gateways to manifestation. The Universe essentially hands you a blank cheque and says … Cash it in. The Grand Sextile or Star of David alignment (it has many names in many different cultures – the Hexagram, the Shadkona Yantra, etc.) is one that is seen as highly protective.

It looks like two Grand Trines (Equilateral Triangles connecting 3 equidistant bodies) overlapping one another, one upwards and the other downwards. The alignment is surrounded by sextiles (60 degree angles), creating a…

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