The Eris-Uranus conjunction: Awakening The Feminine and Birthing a New World

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Info on the Eris-Uranus conjunction 🙂 – what it means for us – and how we can best align ourselves at this moment in time.

Eris is the Dark Goddess – often associated with Chaos, Discord and Strife. There´s a deep conflation of her primal ferocity and the wide-spread structural changes required to re-integrate the Feminine into our Consciousness. Historically and energetically speaking, we need only to look at the thinly-veiled narrative embedded in patriarchal belief structures, myths and texts – to see where it all got muddled up.

The perpetuation of the idea that the Exiled = Ridiculed = Forgotten = Feared = Evil Feminine would bring about the downfall of Man is blown to epic proportions when it comes to Eris and Her-Story. More analysis in the video.

In realtime, there are many ways this Eris-Uranus conjunction can play out. It comes down to whether we approach this alignment –…

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