Opening the Doors to The Divine You ~ Your God Self

The New Divine Humanity


Unlocking areas of the subconscious mind, opens up doors in your awareness, to the God self you.  The subconscious mind, follows your blueprint. It knows the programs, with which you run. This may seem as automatic pilot. To a certain degree, it is. In that, you continue in your ways, for a reason, till you are ready to change. It is as simple as that. The ONE really in charge, is the God Self You. The Divine you. That is who is really running this show. Your Eternal Presence.

What do you have some control over, is the observing  of this.

In non observance, it is all happening to YOU.

In observance, it is happening THROUGH You.

The observing of this, what is really going on, (beyond appearances) unlocks within your subconscious mind, more for you to see, witness and observe.

This seeing, witnessing and observing, aligns your conscious, subconscious…

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