Experiences are the Lenses of Varying Frequency Dimensions

The New Divine Humanity


This is a Transmission of Frequency, for you. Receive, breathe and relax and FEEL.

Your Consciousness is expanding. You see and experience what you see and experience, through the lenses that you have on, which is your frequency and the dimension through which you are functioning through.

This is a holographic meeting place, Earth. You are your own world and dimension. And the lenses that you see through, is your frequency.

So beyond your awareness of the vibration you are vibrating in, is this transmission, that activates within your Blueprint, all that appears dormant, or not seen (experienced) through your lenses, so to speak.

Where you are now, in your consciousness (your frequency) is basically how you see things. Imagine, if you would, 3D Being like walking around wearing a set of eye glasses (set to 3D consciousness) and the view is clear in 3D with them on. To seeā€¦

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