The New Divine Humanity


Well here we are the New Moon in Aquarius arriving on February 8th, 2016 at 10:38am AST. Further to my Post on the Alchemy of Manifestation, this New Moon and New Beginning, is the opportunity for awakening ever more deeply, into the Heart of You, into what you now give higher meaning to as the symbols in your life.

The experiences within your life, and allowing a higher vibrational meaning, to all that is in your life, now, is you changing your experiences, into a life of your dreams and beyond.

This New Moon, may act as an awakening energetic impulse, that cleanses the Doors of Your Perception.

Yet nothing happens to You, it all is happening through you.

Your Participation, is Required.

And as you adjust your perceptions, in alignment with your Master Intention, the magic that will unfold, will be unspeakable. Going full-out in this, that is, applying…

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