Love and Romance~ Valentines Day

The New Divine Humanity


Love and Romance, this Valentines Day, what does it mean to you? Although Valentines is a big business, in this busy world, taking the time, through acknowledging your love, or celebrating a new one, is for most, part and parcel, of theĀ norm. Life itself, is a celebration. LOVE is the greatest celebration. IN INTIMACY we share, the deepest parts of ourselves, and hold sacredly, the deepest parts, in love, of the other.

A Love that has existed in form, through many lifetimes, has a profound knowingness and recognition, of the Love, that never ended, and continues. For most, life has with it, a certain sting and stigma, with being alone, and when facing, or having faced, a great loss. The world celebrates Lovers, as if, Love, does make the world go round, after all.

Yet the Love of this world, and its temporary fascination, with that which holds ones attentionā€¦

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