Energy Grid Report part 1, January 28,2016.

The words within activate –Ask, Open & Receive ❤️
Mahalo Maria🌸

Lightlover Journal

Beloveds, we are HUGELY Amping UP.

Stay in our Hearts and Shine our Love for All that is Unconditionally.

Massive, I mean huge,incoming Energy Wave of WHITE Crystal Source Light, affecting ALL grids And dimensions.

The ENERGIES are causing the electric grid( mental matrix), to fall away as the Liquid Light Crystal Grid continues to anchor fully in the Heart of Humanity and more ascension timelines are anchored by our awakening brothers and sisters.

This, in turn, increases the energies which are able to be anchored into the grids, infusing more light( information) to assist in the awakening of humanity, helping to raise consciousness of planet.
Raisng the Schumann resonance which is a physical sign of the consciousness level of the planet.

First Wavers anchor the energies, manifestation and accessing of said energies are available to ALL when the internal work is done by each soul individually,and frequency of information…

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