The Reprogramming of Consciousness~Your Ascended Being

The New Divine Humanity

L'Aura Pleiadian

Each Beings experience, within themselves, are unique. You live in your own world of consciousness, and all interactions, at the quantum level, is the broadcast of frequencies of Light. As your Soul consciousness you know this. When you begin to consciously function at this awake broadcasting of Light Frequencies that you are, your interactions are as an aware eternal Being of Light. This is the awareness of You that you are stepping into, so to speak.

Even though now you are broadcasting as such, the filter being dissolved, that of limitation, within your subconscious and superconscious minds. This newly awakened, Ascended being then UNITES with your Conscious Awareness. A consciously whole, Being, that is eternal, that is Divine, that is you as your Soul.

Within your Blueprint, is the world that you exist in as your unique Frequency.

This design, is the Plan of your unfolding, expanding consciousness, and appeared separation, then…

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