The Return of Consciousness ~ Knowing Itself As Originating Light

the whole experience…❤️

The New Divine Humanity

L'Aura Pleiadian

All that is, is WHOLE. In the wholeness, exists All That is. This ~ All That is, if the Light emanating as Itself, through the Void. This emanation, consists of varying frequencies of Light, which are the unique individuation of Source Frequency. At the levels of All That is, there are no names and words. SO this, writing to you here, is a TRANSMISSION of Light, activating the dormant codes within you, held in your Original Blueprint.

Your Blueprint again has no translation. Some may term this in mortal language as the Akashic Records. Again, it is not the experience  of it. For beings incarnated in the Planet Earth System, the signalling of frequency, is held in the consciousness through the DNA. DNA is a transmitter of frequency and Light. The water surrounding the DNA is the carrier of the information, transmitted to the consciousness of your DNA.

The crystalline…

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