Your Original Blueprint and Your so- called Memory

Yes, wow…ahhhh

The New Divine Humanity

L'Aura Pleiadian

When you look at your so-called History through the lens of seemingly limited awareness, what you experience, is a memory, that feels as if this was an experience that has gone by.

When you access this same History (memory) through the lens of limitless awareness, through YOU as an Eternal Soul Light ~ Being, what you experience, is this is all taking place Now.

When seeing through the lens of You as the Cosmic Soul that you are eternally, that has designed the experiences, through the various incarnations, what you know is, the link of them all, is One.

No limitations, means exactly that.

Union with your Eternal Soul ~ Being, is also, that.

When you are in Union with your Eternal Self, your Unique Soul Self, (words only point to the experience) you know it all as One. You Know, now in the moment, you are not separate from…

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