Your Transformation~5th Dimensional Consciousness

The New Divine Humanity


You have stepped through the Threshold of your Awakening and Ascension, and you are Embodying, the Eternal Light that you are, consciously more and more, as you continue to enter deeply into the moment to moment, Presence, of your Eternal Soul.

Life may feel like a blur of events, that you are somehow, going through. Maneuvering through a terrain, that is very ethereal and surreal, yet somehow, it is Earth, yet it is all different now.

The old attachments, the thinking processes, the worry, the concerns, have diminished in their intensity, if not, vanished. You walked through the portal, you are continuously arriving, and that is ok, as this continuously arriving, is the new reference point for you.

You are remembering to apply the acceptance, the unconditional love, to all those aspects that arise now, even to those, you felt were “wrong” within you. You have recognized, it is only…

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