The Solstice Birth~5th Dimensional Consciousness

And so it is…

The New Divine Humanity


The Solstice ~ Just over one week away, December 22, 2015 ~ 12:49am AST, is a Celebration of the Return of Light in the Northern Hemisphere, that is, for those that will be beginning the turn of the Season, Winter, or Yule, the Moon giving birth to the Sun. These written words, encoded with frequencies of Light, that activate, that which appears dormant, within your consciousness.

What this represents, deep within the hidden recesses of the subconscious mind (feminine Moon energy) is that which is hidden, merges (with the masculine Sun energy) into the Light of Day. This something new, arises out of the darkness, and begins anew, a new cycle, a new awakening.

It is no surprise that we also have the Birth of Christ during this celebration of the return of Light. Every Solar return, the Soul travels around the Sun, and experiences a New Beginning. Celebrating its Birth, into…

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