You are Divine Angels ~ Beings of Light

The New Divine Humanity


You Are Divine Angels ~ Beings of Light that are finding your way back to yourself Consciously.
This submerging of your awareness into the depth of consciousness of the 3D reality, was the project, you had in your awakening and opening up to, your Divine Plan.
To awaken fully, and help all those, still immersed in the density, to also find their way home.
For some of you, you will be the guides, on Earth and between existences, (although there really is no between) helping those, as the Angelic Guide that you are, to maneuver through the density, back to their conscious home, as the Light Beings ~ Angels (God Self, whatever word you choose) that they are.
This has been your training ground, so to speak. And in this you have been well guided, never alone, as the Eternal Light of You, your Soul, has always be in charge.

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