Eternal Bliss✨💖✨

The New Divine Humanity


With the Powerful Frequency changes of Ascension on September 27th, this New Moon, December 11th, 2015 at 6:29am AST ~ once again, offers the New Beginning as you continue to transform through your consciousness, into the Eternal Love and Acceptance (5th Dimensional Consciousness) that you already Are.New Moons are New Beginnings and this one is powerful.

This New Moon is in Sagittarius and with an activated Uranus Pluto Square (a long-term aspect) which represents drastic upheaval and changes, is the opportunity to welcome in, yet another, evolutionary leap in consciousness. Change and Transformation, within you.

Whether this shift  appears to be an adaptation to the upheaval within you (the shattering of your world as you know it) brought about through several years of consciousness change (December 2012) or whether this is experienced as a quantum leap into the Greater Cosmic You, is how this is playing out as your shift…

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