The New Divine Humanity


On  The Ancient Island Of Mu (not to be confused with Lemuria) The Crystalline Temple of Light where the Priest King and Priest Queen Lived, Existed what was to be known as the First Crystal Skull existing on Planet Earth. This was about 550 Million Years Ago~ Earth Time.

The Creators of the First Forms on Planet Earth,  known as the Creator Gods, The Elohim, played with the DNA as creative Play, playing with Consciousness that existed As Soul and Pure Crystalline Light in One Aspect of Frequency Reality Domain, to Another, through the creation Star Matrix of existence on the Star Planet Earth.

The DNA that was Active was Crystalline in Nature, Just like the Bodies of Water, and what appears as the Solid Crystal Structures. The Elohim before entering forms on Planet Earth, lived in a Sacred Crystal City of Light, the city itself, was consciousness in Form…

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