End Projecting and Receive~5th Dimensional Consciousness

The New Divine Humanity


Why does ANYTHING have to be a certain way? When something has to be a certain way, that is just the ego speaking. The ego only focuses on what is not here now. What it wants that is not present. Accept what is here Now. And Accept, things do not have to be any way at all.

Oh the desire for the Twin Flame Relationship. So many project their desires to other people. To the one they are attached to, and want for a gaining purpose. That they must be their twin flame. I want that so that must be my Twin Flame.

Let LIFE itself, show you the perfect one for you.

It really is about THE ONE That Loves you Unconditionally. And the One you LOVE unconditionally. Are you ready for THAT? Unconditional Love?

The perfect love has nothing to do with if they have the same Spiritual Beliefs…

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