The New Divine Humanity


Uniting All parts of your Consciousness as One (you and your Soul) is not as difficult as it may “seem” to be. The consciousness, that is in a state of wanting or removing (that which is not here or that which is here) cannot on its own, understand  Not Being in Control. Yet, being in control has never worked, and the desires for change are all great, it is the WAY, ultimately, that one Releases the control (or not) that one receives (or not) the Ultimate Destiny created as the Blueprint for the Souls incarnation.

Your Destiny will show up, guaranteed. It is through your letting go of perceived control, through acceptance of what is, that you journey THROUGH your Being Present in your experiences, that unlocks within you the keys, the synchronistic events, that REVEALS the Greater Destiny, Planned for you.

It is like you are driving a train, thinking you…

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