THE SOLAR HARMONIC PRAYER – Turning Sunlight Into Nutrition


New Beginnings Guatemala

13by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
after yesterdays article about 14 steps how to help yourself shift to higher frequencies, and the two sections mentioned in the article about keeping our chakras clean and spending time in sunlight, this is a next step and perfect addition. It is a beautiful prayer that I long ago piked up along the way and shared with many of my clients. It helped me a lot to release old, fear based programming and pattern of the material world, and feel a daily increasing positive effect on my physical body. This prayer can help you profoundly in your personal ascension process, if you combine it with the tools of conscious breathing, the awareness of the divine golden ray of our I AM Presence and also use the prayers to the Ascended Master Buddha Gautama.  I hope you enjoy working with this amazing…

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