New Beginnings Guatemala

suenoby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the other day I shared a posted called 7 signs your spirit guides are present. In this article I talked about our dreamworld and how vivid dreams up to lucid dreaming, are signs of your contact to the other world. While more and more intense high vibrating energies are filling the collective human consciousness, our collective dream body is also growing. That means, now is the time to tap into the collective downloads from the Sirian Masters, for the evolution of all human being into the energy frequencies of the Golden Age of Aquarius. Our minds again are making a quantum leap in understanding, and our physical bodies are preparing to shift the Human DNA to 12Strands. In our collective process the active interaction with our dreamworld, becomes more and more important for many truth seeker on the planet.
So lets take a…

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