The New Divine Humanity


Activating the Awareness of the Light within you, as the Light of Your Soul, is the conscious application of your Will, to be aware of your Eternal Being as Light. It is the connection in your awareness, that surpasses the duality appearance of Separation consciousness, and lifts your awareness to the experience of the Illumination of Being.

Illuminated Light is the consciousness of Light, aware of itself.

Deep within all of your Cells, Blueprint and Memories, are the codes of Light, firing up, now as you read this. You may feel this as warmth, as LIGHT, as Illumination, as the awareness of Your Consciousness.

Your Subconscious filter, may be bypassed, through the use of your Will. What this means is, you have the Power to Choose consciously, that which you focus upon. And that which you focus Upon programs all of your Cells, and the energy around you including your environment…

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