Satori Rei

What are Emotions?

Emotions run our lives more then what we are aware. They are at the base of every part of our lives, consciously and unconsciously, our actions and reactions, relationships with self and others, our Ego and the way we perceive life and the world around us. They run the show!

There are highly emotional people, which justify every action by their emotional roller-coaster; there are people who hide their emotions as for many social reasons and preconceptions, such has “showing emotions is a sign of weakness” and of course there are the psychopaths who seem to experience no emotion at all, although hate, rage and greed are emotions too.

Emotions are energy, frequencies, and each emotion is a different frequency. There are high vibrational emotions, neutral and low vibrational. Where do emotions come from? All emotions, without exception come from Love, the primordial, unconditional Love, which is…

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