Stargate Earth ~The Awakening

The New Divine Humanity


All of the Stargates funneling through the awareness of those on Earth are in direct alignment, with the Alpha Star Systems, the Stargates ~the One Union ~ Universe of Being.

The Beginning is representative of the change of experience, into Form consciousness, as if through time, that has no end. This dream of form of Stargate Earth was createdin wholeness of Being in Perfect Harmony of Being. (Mortal Language only directs you to understanding~ words do not exist in higher states of Being)

The Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End, is representative of the Duality Experiment ~Dream of Polar Opposites, Masculine and Feminine. In Truth, there never was separation. The Beginning and End are One, have always been One, and the Masculine and Feminine have always Been One. The New Earth Stargate ~ is the Alpha, the Beginning Once again of Consciousness through Form experiencing itself in the Dream of…

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